The master's thesis is one of the last opportunities for professional development and skills building before graduation. At SBD Lab, we follow an interactive learning approach to exchange experience with experts. We start by setting expectations on how much time, training and study might be required to attain competent knowledge of a subject. We rely on problem solving approaches and collaboration and writing exercises to help build new scientific and technical skills.

At SBD Lab we invest in master's students to make sure they will develop three sets of skills (technical, management and communication). Some examples of the new skills are listed below:

  • Technical Skills: e.g. data acquisition (performance monitoring) - building modeling - building auditing - climatic analysis - sustainability assessment (LCA and Rating Systems) - life cycle costing - post-occupancy evaluation - observations (non-biased) - statistical analysis
  • Management and Soft Skills: e.g. planning - management - team playing - professional communication
  • Reporting and Writing Skills: e.g. reporting skills - scientific writing - effective graphical visualization - referencing and annotation

By the time the master's student defends his or her thesis, they likely have new skills and more confidence to help take on challenges and start they own career path. To know more about our work we advise you to visit our lab description page (click here) and learn more about our research areas (click here).

Conduct your thesis at SBD Lab

To conduct tyour MSc thesis at SBD Lab, browse our website to understand the nature of our lab. As a research lab, our master thesis development opportunities are focused on producing high-quality research publications. In addition, you can explore the previous work of other master students listed below. Every year, we provide a list of topics structured according to their order of importance (click here). To conduct your master thesis at the SBD Lab we advise you to pick up a topic and contact Prof. Dr. Shady Attia by email.

Previous MSc Thesis at SBD Lab