Laboratory Equipment


As a part of the Department of Urban Environmental Engineering (UEE) in the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FSA) the lab members provide education and perform scientific research in the field of building physics, building technology related to building design. The main core areas of interest are high performance building design, facade design, structural design, climate design and computational design with an important focus on sustainability.
With our wide range of building performance simulation software, we perform computational modeling and simulation for optimizing design and renovations of high-performance buildings. Also, the laboratory is equipped with various data acquisition /logging systems for different types of temperature, humidity, airflow, turbulence, illumination intensity and carbon dioxide emissions sensors, envelope air tightness (Blower Door) and infrared camera. The lab members can monitor thermal comfort, indoor air quality and main influencing factors on an occupant’s sense of comfort following the international standard ISO 7730 that combines all of the parameters in the PMV/PPD measurement.


Data Loggers
The laboratory has four indoor-use temperature and humidity loggers. The indoor-use loggers can be programmed to collect and store data independently for several months or up to time steps as fine as a second. All of this equipment is portable and wired for modular expansion. We can accommodate many more instruments to measure outdoor temperature, wind, etc.

Solar Radiation Equipment
The laboratory’s solar radiation equipment can measure Direct Normal Radiation and Global Horizontal Radiation outdoors. We use the CHP1 pyrheliometer manufactured by Kipp & Zonen for direct radiation measurement. Since this kind of measurement requires tracking the sun as it moves through the sky, we use a Solys 2 tracker (also by Kipp & Zonen). To measure global horizontal irradiation, we have the SR12 and LP02 pyranometers (from Hukseflux).

Netatmo Data Logger
Onset HOBO U12-12, Temperature/Relative Humidity/Light/External Data Logger
Onset HOBO  UX90 Occupancy/Light Logger - UX90-006 
Telaire 7001 CO2 Sensor - TEL-7001
Testo 635 U-Value Measuring Instrument: Automatically calculate U-value with the humidity/temperature
FLIR  i7 Thermal Imaging Cameras - FLIR Infrared Cameras
Telaire 7001 CO2 Sensor - TEL-7001
ECOWATT 750 compteur énérgétiques 
Self-powered water and energy meter for  showers
MASTECH MS6300 6 IN 1 Digital Multifunction Environment Meter Temperature Humidity Sound Air Flow Meter luminometer
Wohler CDL CO2 Meter