PHD Thesis / Main Advisor

PHD Thesis / Co-Advisor:

    In Progress:
    -Muriel Diaz, Methodology for the evaluation of IEQ and comfort in schools classrooms
    -Mostafa Kazemi, Quantification of water flux and insulation dynamic of newly roof structures with recycled materials
    -Samir Semahi, Development of a decision-making model based on fuzzy logic for the optimization low-energy residential building design in Algeria, [1], [2]
    -Mohamed Elhadi Matallah, Impact of the Oases Settlements on the Outdoor Thermal Comfort in Arid Climate, [1] ,[2], [3]
    -Olivier Henz, Methodologie numerique parametrable d’objectivation de choix passifs low-tech, dans l’approche architecturale de bâtiments residentiels de petite echelle.

PHD Thesis / Supervising Committee Member:

    In Progress:
    -Mitali Joshi, Quantifying and upscaling the effect of analogous green roofs on ecosystem services
    -Mohsen Pourkiaei, Decision support to address the effects of climate change on indoor air quality in Waloon residential buildings in summer
    -Hanan Ibrahim, Developing an integrated methodology for energy efficient retrofitting of built heritage in hot dry climates, [1]
    -Bernard Morino Ganou Koungang, Elaboration et caracterisation chimique physico-thermo-mecanique des briques de terre stabilisees/comprimees a charges de noyaux de Canarium Schweinfurthii et Coco nucifera
    -Islam Boukhelkhal, Experimental study on the effect the exterior wall texture on indoor thermal comfort
    -Essam Elnagar, Modelling the Impacts of climate change on the electricity grid and energy performance of buildings in Belgium
    -Iris Reuter, Sustainable design of housing in Wallonia : proposition for a multicriteria analysis method.

    Completed: 03
    -2020, Philibert Nshimiyimana, Effect of the type of clay and substitution materials on the physico-mechanical properties of compressed earth blocks (CEBs)
    -2018, Elke Meex, Development of a methodology for architects for the assessment and integration of sustainable material use from the early design phase 
    -2017, Yathreb Sabsaby, Building energy modelling tool for residential buildings toward zero energy housing in Lebanese coastal region

PHD Thesis / Reader: