SBD LAB Cloud and Wiki

The Sustainable Building Design Lab is a highly professional training and coaching organisation with extensive experience in training national and international undergraduates, post graduates and interns. To provide vital training that enables and support our students we offer on our internal Cloud and Wiki a series of educational training modules, publications drafts and educational case studies.

At SBD Lab, we always make sure that the young researchers will develop three sets of skills (technical, management-communication and reporting-writing), some examples are listed below:

  • Technical Skills: Data Acquisition Techniques (performance monitoring), Building Modeling Techniques, Building Auditing Techniques, Climatic Analysis Techniques, Sustainability Assessment (LCA and Rating Systems), Life Cycle Costing, Post-Occupancy Evaluation, Observations (non-biased) and Statistical Analysis
  • Management and Soft Skills: Planning - Professional Management - Team Playing - Professional Communication
  • Reporting and Writing Skills: Reporting skills - Scientific writing - Effective graphical visualization - Referencing and annotation

The SBD Lab Cloud and Wiki are only accessible for our members but you can still follow our open access YouTube Channel.