About SBD Lab

Internships experiences make candidates more competitive in the job market. In addition to gaining exposure and experience in the field, they also provide an opportunity to getting personal experience in the field of research and development. By 2030, there will be a global shortage of 45 million university- educated workers (McKinsey). There is an increased need for high skilled graduates; therefore, your internship choice should be based on your skills you want to strengthen for your career development. At SBD Lab, we always make sure that the intern will develop three sets of skills (technical, management-communication and reporting-writing), some examples are listed below:

  • Technical Skills: Data Acquisition Techniques (performance monitoring), Building Modeling Techniques, Building Auditing Techniques, Climatic Analysis Techniques, Sustainability Assessment (LCA and Rating Systems), Life Cycle Costing, Post-Occupancy Evaluation, Observations (non-biased) and Statistical Analysis
  • Management and Soft Skills: Planning - Professional Management - Team Playing - Professional Communication
  • Reporting and Writing Skills: Reporting skills - Scientific writing - Effective graphical visualization - Referencing and annotation

To know more about our work we advise you to visit our lab description page (click here) and learn more about our research areas (click here).

Application Instructions

To apply for an internship at SBD Lab, please browse our website to understand the nature of our lab. As a research lab, our internship opportunities are focused on producing high-quality research publications. In addition, you can explore the previous work of other internships listed below. Every year, we provide a list of topics structured according to their order of importance (click here). To apply for an internship at the SBD Lab we advise you to pick up a topic and contact Prof. Dr. Shady Attia by email.

Previous Interns at SBD Lab