The Sustainable Building Design (SBD) Lab is a research lab of the Faculty of Applied Science of Liege University. The SBD Lab focuses its activities around design decision support of high performance buildings and user-centered advanced facades. The lab is focused on integrative sustainable design and performance monitoring addressing users interaction in relation to energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and indoor environmental quality. The overarching goal of promoting energy-efficiency, positive impact built environment and human comfort and health within buildings.

The Sustainable Building Design laboratory carries out research on high performance buildings and advanced facades. With our wide range of building performance simulation software, we perform computational modeling and simulation for optimizing design and renovations of high performance buildings. The laboratory is equipped with various data acquisition /logging systems for different types of temperature, humidity, airflow, turbulence, illumination intensity and CO2 sensors, envelope air tightness (Blower Door) and infrared camera. The lab members can monitor thermal comfort, indoor air quality and main influencing factors on a occupants sense of comfort following the international standard ISO 7730 that combines all of the parameters in the PMV/PPD measurement.